January 26, 2011 cburnham

Training Peaks iPhone App

“What gets measured gets done.” -Peter Drucker

I think a lot of people might of missed this release from a few weeks ago but the good folks at Training Peaks have released their long awaited iPhone, iPad, and  iPod touch app.  If your a coached athlete or have a premium account this app will allow you to access your training schedule, log your daily metrics, and log your foods through out the day.  Even if you have a basic, free account you can still log all of your workout, daily metric, and nutrition details you just won’t be able to schedule future workouts.

I always recommend that athletes periodically log at least 3 days of nutrition to make sure they are meeting their caloric and macro nutrient needs but if you have ever done this you know it is basically a part time job.  You have to carry around a notebook to write things down as you eat them (studies have shown if you want till the end of the day most people will under report intake by up to %20), weigh or measure your food, then enter everything into your online nutrition log.  It’s tedious but this app is extremely helpful in keeping track of your nutrition.  One really cool feature is that if you have an iPhone with a camera you can take a picture of the barcode of any packaged foods you eat to automatically add the details into your log.  It eliminates some of the work and makes the task a lot easier, plus you can get real time analysis of how your nutrition for the day is looking.  Maybe you can afford to eat that dessert….

Don’t have an iPhone?  Don’t worry you can still use the mobile version of Training Peaks on your smart phone and according to the Training Peaks twitter account an android and Blackberry version is on the way.

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