November 11, 2010 cburnham


In 2005 I raced the entire season in the exact same pair of socks.  They were nothing really special, just some tall black Sock Guy socks,  except they were phenomenally lucky for me that year.  I did pretty well that year too.  I won quite a few races that season including the State Championship and took 3rd at Nationals all because of my lucky socks.  I didn’t deny the fact that fitness was a big factor but the socks were the “X” factor.  I knew for me to be 100% I needed my socks.

Lucky Socks

Listen, deep down I knew it wasn’t really the socks but at the time I thought there might be something to them so I wore them at every race.  Yes, I washed them.  Although I often wondered if I hadn’t washed them would they be more lucky?! In the end it was too risky,  I didn’t want to mess with my race routine and that hinged on my clean black Sock Guy socks.  The point is at the time I believed they were lucky so they were.  That is thing with superstitions, if you believe something is lucky then it is, and that is all that matters.   If you believe the cycling gods are looking fondly down on you because you wear a “I ride centuries.  It’s tough.” headband then they are, period.  You don’t mess with a streak of good luck.

This has to be lucky.

Do you have any sport superstitions?  Let us hear them in the comments…

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