October 26, 2011 cburnham

Season Review time Ya’ All…

I really like this time of year.  Even though the days are shorter and there can be an occasional rain storm for us on the central coast, it is generally warm and the roads and trails are inviting! This time of the year just makes me want to be on my mountain bike enjoying the trails before the rain really starts.  For most endurance athletes autumn also brings the end of a long season.  Of course there are a few exceptions like those racing the beautiful suffering that is cross, but for most endurance athletes this time of the year brings a little rest and a time to reflect on the past season and review your goals.  Did you achieve what you set out to achieve this season?  Where did you improve this year and where did you fall short?  The answers to those questions can have a big impact on how you prepare for next year.

One of the most important things to consider when thinking back over the last year is asking did the Goal remain the goal?  Were you focused on what you wanted to achieve and did your behaviors support that goal?  I coach a lot of athletes with some very big goals.  I have Pro athletes looking to beat the best in the U.S. and amateur athletes looking to finish their first century.  Those are very different goals that require a very different dedication but both have to stay focused on their goal and have the appropriate behavior to reach them.

Be honest with yourself when reviewing your season and congratulate yourself on your successes and acknowledge your failures. Think about why both of those happened and work to keep the behaviors that contributed to the successes and work on eliminating the ones that lead to the failures.  Write these down with your goals and keep them somewhere you can review them through out the year.

Don’t forget that “bad” behaviors (which may or may not include a fine Belgian beer or maple-bacon donut – you know who you are…) are completely fine as well if they help contribute to your goals.  Just remember everything is a balance and donuts can weigh a lot…

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