April 25, 2011 cburnham

Sea Otter Classic Recap

I am finally recovered and caught up after the Sea Otter circus.  I have coughed the last of the dust out of my lungs and my feet are recovered from the miles of walking and running.  According to head honchos at Sea Otter there were 50,000+ spectators and 8,500 athletes over the 4 days of the event making it by far the biggest cycling event in the U.S.  The industry seemed to come out in force this year as well and was showing off shiny bits of goodness all over the expo.

Most of my time at Sea Otter was spent talking to athletes preparing to race, cooling down after racing, watching athletes race, and walking/running to catch my athletes racing.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see everyone at all of their races but I think I saw all of my athletes race at least once.  It is fun to be a cheerleader (no, I didn’t have pom-poms nor do I think that would of really helped) at the races but also get an idea of how they are racing objectively and how that correlates with their race reports.  Maintaining objectivity while in the heat of a race is hard, if not impossible, so understanding how an athlete “sees” a race from the inside can be valuable and provide context for power and heart rate data.

I am very happy to say that out of my 17 athletes that raced, 5 finished on the podium and another 4 finished in the top 10.  Most of our athletes that finished outside of the top ten had great races and beat their personal bests at the Otter as well.  There were a few disappointments though as crashes and mechanicals took their tool in a few of the races. Such is racing and all of the athletes will survive to race another day though.

Instead of recapping all the events (you can read about the event here, here, or here) you check out our Sea Otter picture galleries below.  Now on to the rest of the season…

Sea Otter Classic Day #1
Sea Otter Day #2
Sea Otter Day 3 and 4

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