Racing Calendars and Events:

NCNCA- Northern California Nevada Cycling Association (road, mountain, cyclocross, track)

Southern California Cycling (road, mountain, track)

USA Triathlon (Triathlons)

CCCX (road, mountain, cyclocross)

SBRacing (mountain)

RideSB (mountain)

BikeCal (club rides, centuries)

TBF Racing (Triathlon, mountain)

Team Big Bear (Southern California Mountain Biking)

Team Big Foot (Northern California Mountain Biking)

Norcal Mountain Bike Racing (Complete Northern California Mountain Bike Racing Calendar and blog)

Ironman (Long distance triathlon)

Warrior’s Society (Home of the Vision Quest and Counting Coup mountain bike races)

USCUP (Nationwide premier Mountain Bike Series)

Warriors Cycling (Colorado Mountain Bike Race Series)

USA Cycling (racing governing body with road, mountain, and track calendars and news)

News and Review Sites


Inside Triathlon

Cycling News

Triathlete Magazine

Bike Radar

Pezcycling News

Singletrack Magazine

Mountain Bike Review

Road Bike Review

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