December 2, 2010 cburnham

Random Thoughts and Good Reads

I had a lot of little tidbits floating around in my head this week so I thought I would compile them all here for some quick random thoughts.

  1. For Thanksgiving my wife, daughter,  and I drove 6+ hours down to see family for the weekend. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun visiting with friends and family but that drive made me really appreciate my foam roller. It helped loosen up my hips (flexors and IT band) and upper back (thoracic) that can get so tight after sitting for so long. It can really make you feel so much better. Its not just driving that can result in that stiffness. Do you sit at a computer for several hours a day plus have a 20 – 30 minute commute each way? That is a lot of time spent with shorten hip flexors and a chronically flexed upper back. Stop wussing out and get on that roller!  
  2. There has been lots of news recently about masters cyclists getting bans for doping (stories here, and here). I am not really surprised by the fact that there are masters cyclists using banned substances, there have been a lot of rumors over the last couple of years.   It is good to see that USADA is going after these guys and its getting some publicity. Maybe it will help prevent a few others from buying that testosterone patch off eBay. You never know who may get those customer records. All I am saying is respect your fellow racer and don’t cheat.  
  3. I Put this article on our Facebook page (you are following us on Facebook, right?) but I think it is worthy of a mention here as well since it is a great article on some supposed “health foods” that are anything but. The only thing I would of added to the list is soy. Its definitely worth your time to give this one a read.
  4. I have been pretty stoked on the Euro CX coverage at Cyclocross Coverage’s YouTube channel. Never mind its not in English, the coverage rocks and makes me want to get out and race some cross. A couple of these in a playlist would be WAY better to look at on the trainer than the garage wall.
  5. Maybe its the Christmas lights or the great Target Christmas commercials (can you sense the sarcasm…I really think these commercials make my eyes bleed) but does this time of the year make you want to eat a whole tray of cookies too?! Seriously I need some gingerbread men with red hots for buttons. Need to get some more miles in and time on the TRX to justify it…
  6. Speaking of TRX, they are offering a 20% off sale plus free shipping till December 12th. Now is the time to get one of these or make sure your friends and family know you want one for Christmas.

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