March 5, 2012 cburnham

Race Weekend!

Even though I don’t have as many opportunities to see my athletes race as much as I would like, I always try to take advantage of the times when I can.  Seeing my athletes in action and the results of their hard training is always an awesome experience for me.  I just really enjoy being at the races, feeling the pre-race anticipation, and excitement leading into the finish. I could do without the port-a-potty overflow (seriously there should be a designated pre-race nerves port-a-potty at every race) but being at the races is just a fun experience.  This weekend was one of those rare opportunities where I could see a large number of my athletes in action at the Merco Stage race going on around Merced, and the local Central Coast Circuit race series happening out in Fort Ord.

On Saturday I headed over to Merced to see a few athletes race the third stage of Merco Stage Race, the Downtown Grand Prix.  The technical ~1 mile, 9 turn course featured lots of great racing action.  A slightly later departure than planned got us there in time to see the finish of the Pro-Women, the Master’s Men, and the Pro men race.  There was an amazing display of power on that course. The weather was awesome and a pretty good crowd came out to downtown Merced to cheer on the racers.   I was especially happy to see Logan Loader doing some damage in the Pro race with his third place finish.  He went on to crush the road race the next day with a win and took second overall in the general classification.  This is just the start of what is going to be a great season for him and Team Exergy.  You check out some of the photos from Merco below.

Sunday was the first of the Central Coast Circuit race series put on by Keith DeFiebre and Rod Hernandez.  If you haven’t done one of their races before you are missing out.  These are fun, well run races.  The course is a challenging 4.5 mile loop in Fort Ord, just outside of Monterey, with a few good climbs and a challenging sprint finish.  I had several athletes racing on Sunday with some even doing their very first race ever.  All of my athletes did great and I am super proud of all of their performances throughout the day.  You check out some of the photos from the day below.

CCCX Circuit Race #1

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