December 18, 2010 cburnham

Quick Snack Tip for Traveling

Just a quick tip today for all of you traveling to see friends and family for the holidays:

Even though there are a lot of healthy food options these days it can still be challenging to find something other than fast food to eat while on the road or in airports. I always keep my eyes out for something that would be quick, convenient, and easy to eat while traveling and I came across a sweet find the other day. Justin’s Nut Butters in one serving size packets!

These are little squeeze packets of all natural nut butters in small single serving size packets. The offer a variety of different nut butters plus a few mixed with chocolate or maple. My current recommendation is the chocolate almond butter on apple slices. It is ridiculously good! The nice thing about these is that they give you a decent amount of protein, healthy fat, and a hint of sweetness that helps keep you full for a while. Add in the apple and it is a really good, healthy, well balanced snack while traveling.  These would even make a good stocking stuffer for any traveling endurance athletes on your list.

I have started to see these at more grocery stores and even at one Starbucks so they are becoming pretty easy to find.  Give them a shot and let me know what your think!  You guys have any eating travel tips? Let me hear them in the comments!

By the way, if anybody is looking for that last minute sweet Christmas gift for me, here is a suggestion:

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