January 19, 2012 cburnham

Quick Reads

It’s hard to believe we are already rolling into the racing season…Wasn’t it just Halloween?!  Here are a few quick, interesting reads and sites to check out to help you get to Friday.  Happy Training ya’all!

  • Yeah, we all train to be fast and fit but what about staying young.  Here is an interesting article about the benefits of staying active well into our 70s.  Yep, I said 70s!  Get some!
  • Who doesn’t need a little bit of a laugh?  This may not be entirely safe for work but a pretty funny site. Click through at your own risk. WTF Kits.

  • This is an interesting article on the different approaches to training.  Have you just been doing a lot of long slow distance, neglecting strength and functional movements, and not improving much?  Maybe it is time to rethink things.

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