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Products I recommend: Superfeet Insoles

Note: I am going to start doing a regular feature of products I recommend.  In the interest of being impartial, I will disclose if there are any financial connections with the products I recommend.  Of course I will welcome any financial connections or free product post reviews…
You start to pick up on trends after doing a few hundred bike fits.   Things like most people with back pain tend to put their handlebars too high, or that most people have their cleats too far forward, or that painting a liger on your bike will definitely make you faster.

This bike is definitely very fast!

One other common I have found is that if you are having any sort of foot pain, Superfeet insoles will most likely make them feel better.  Most cycling shoes these days have flimsy, non-supportive insoles that I think is a result of manufacturers wanting to cut costs and reduce weight.  Over time, not supporting the bony structures of the foot can result in hot spots, Morton’s Neuroma, and general foot discomfort.  None of which will help in making you fast.   I have found the Superfeet insoles to be  a very effective fix that can not only help improve foot comfort but also help with issues further up the kinetic chain (i.e. knee, hip, lower back) plus they play nicely with any sort of cleat or insole wedging you may use to properly align the ankle.

Yellow Superfeet

Generally I recommend the yellow or black Superfeet to be the most effective in road shoes since they allow for a little more heel lift in the sole of the shoe.  The blue tends to work better with mountain bike shoes or road shoes without excessive heel lift.  Of course, the use of any insole system like the Superfeet is best done by looking at the complete bike fit and making sure any necessary wedging is in place, but I have found it to be a very effective solution for improving foot comfort.

Have you tried Superfeet insoles?  Have they worked to improve your comfort?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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