February 28, 2012 cburnham

Products I Recommend: Spotify and Velobeats

I was just going to title this “Products I Recommend: Music” but I thought I would get a bunch of responses basically saying “Really dude?! Music?!”  Yeah, who doesn’t like music but finding good stuff to listen when working out can be hard.  Even with a pretty good music collection you get tired of listening to those same Britney Spears albums.  What?  You don’t listen to Britney Spears..me either, I was just saying…


I listen to a lot of music.  I mean a lot, and it is pretty varied.  Depending on my workout I like to vary what I listen to.  The motivational factor of Daft Punk tends to fade a little on the 113 time listening to the album so keeping things fresh can be pretty important.  Buying albums on iTunes or the other online music stores can get expensive.  That is how I stumbled upon Spotify.  With Spotify you pay around $9 a month for unlimited music streaming on your smart phone, computer, or iPod of almost every album you can think of.   A nice feature is that you can also sync a playlist over wi-fi from your computer to your phone or iPod for off-line listening when your working out in places that don’t have the greatest coverage or if you have a limited data plan on your phone.   I have been using Spotify for about 6 months now and I can honestly say it saved me about $20 a month from buying albums on iTunes.


Who doesn’t like free music set close to normal pedaling cadences?  John Braynard has created some awesome mixes to fuel that riding motivation.  These mixes are around an hour of fast paced, electronica flavored, musical goodness.  Use them at your discretion though since they may cause you to set new power PRs on your next ride.

Even though these are free, there is a place to donate a few bucks to the Velobeats site if you like what they are doing.  Help a brother out to keep these coming!

**Using ear buds while riding or running that restrict you hearing other sounds can be dangerous and may be illegal depending on where you live.  Use common sense!

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