November 15, 2010 cburnham

Products I Recommend: Silver Sharpie Marker

Silver Sharpie

I can hear the collective “uh, what?”  Yep, a silver sharpie is a great tool to have for cycling.  In today’s world of carbon seatposts and handlebars it is not uncommon to have components slip slightly over time.  There are also times when you have to pull a seatpost due to travel and some little silver lines can help you get back to that well honed position you established in your bike fit (you have had a bike fit right?).   I know there are a lot of ways to mark up components but a little silver marker line can’t slip like tape and won’t compromise the strength of a component like a scratch mark.  It is possible to clean it off eventually but that usually takes several bike wipe downs (maybe less if you are a crazy q-tip wielding, 409 smelling, obsessive compulsive bike owner – you know who you are).

Just because I know someone will call me out on this, use a black sharpie on silver components.  This is probably self explanatory for most but there ya go for those who need it written out…

Where I use them the most though is in changing cleats.  Whether it is replacing worn cleats or trying a slightly different position, my first step is always marking the current location of the cleat.  I recommend using a cross pattern through the center of cleat and on to the shoe to mark location.  It is a lot easier to match up lines that way versus just drawing an outline which can be problematic with some cleat shapes.

Cleat mark-up with Look cleats.

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