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Products I Recommend: Klean Athlete


I get asked often about supplements and my main response is to try to hit your nutritional needs by eating real foods.  There is a lot of evidence that getting your micro-nutrient needs through real foods is healthier and has better absorption.  But as an athlete you will have slightly higher needs than the general population and you may not be in the best interest of your pants to eat a bunch of bananas (for potassium, otherwise go for potassium supplements) or chocolate (for magnesium).  Sometimes we have to use a supplement to stay healthy and not become nutritionally depleted.  Finding a good quality, food sourced (not chemically created in a lab), supplement can be very challenging.  Athlete’s both in and out of the testing pool, and really this applies to everyone, is responsible for what goes into their body which is why I only recommend products that carry the NSF certification.  The NSF Certified for Sport program tests supplements to ensure that it is what the label says and doesn’t have any cross-contamination or banned substances.

NSF Certified for Sport

Look for this label on the supplements you buy!

This is why I recommend Klean Athlete products.  They are NSF certified, have a philosophy of supporting health needs and not creating ergonomic aids, and don’t use any artificial colors, fillers, flavorings, or colors.  They are just high quality supplements to help active athletes meet their nutritional needs without the risk of cross-contamination.  Their products address common deficiencies in athletes from multi-vitamins, omega-3s, Vitamin-D, electrolytes, probiotic, and whey protein.

Klean Athlete Cognitive

One product I have been specifically impressed with is their Klean Cognitive supplement.  The depletion of micro-nutrients from endurance exercise can effect several bodily functions, including brain function.  If you have ever finished a long ride or run and felt a little brain-dead, than this supplement may help.  It is essentially a group of commonly deficient and depleted micro-nutrients in athletes that help with brain function along with some powerful antioxidants sourced from fruit to help fight oxidative stress and restore re-dox levels.  This isn’t a stimulant so it will not leave you jittery or enhance brain function/performance beyond normal healthy levels.

The fact that I don’t endorse 99% of the supplements on the market should be an indication of the quality I think Klean Athlete provides.  If you feel like you have some nutritional holes, and haven’t been able to fill them naturally with diet, then it may be worth-while to give the Klean Athlete’s products a try.

You can also save 30% on your order by clicking on the link below (note that I don’t make any money from you buying through that link, I just wanted to provide a good discount to the athletes and readers of my website).

Klean Athlete

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