Nutrition Coaching


Looking to drop some pounds before the season, clean up your diet, or help with overall energy?  We are here to help!  Chris Burnham is Precision Nutrition Professionally Certified and has been helping athletes with their nutritional needs for over 5 years.  We are entirely results orientated and will work with you to create a balanced nutritional program to meet your goals and needs.  This is not your typical calorie counting type program.  We want to see you achieve better physical and mental performance through diet.

Clean Eating


How we coach nutrition:

  • We start with an assessment of your current diet, health, and body composition.  We have to know where you are currently to know how to progress.  Assessments will include a diet study, nutritional knowledge assessment, body fat assessment, and may involve blood testing (done with our partner EXOS for additional cost), or other labs as needed.
  • After we know where you are at as an individual we start working on a plan to get you to your ideal goal and determine the first steps.  At this meeting you will leave with a sample meal plan, simple steps to guide foods choices, and empowered to take control of your health.
  • To check progress we will meet every two weeks (or have a phone/skype consult if not local) to discuss how you are doing on the program and to measure progress.  These meetings are crucial to measure your progress and make changes if needed.
  • Typically we will continue monitoring your progress through 3 months before transitioning into a maintenance phase.  This will be your new healthy lifestyle and will ensure long-term success.  We will always be able for consult on an “as needed basis.”

Performance Nutrition Coaching

In depth nutrition coaching to help you get to your goal weight, improve energy, and help with any general digestive issues. This program dives deep into your eating and lifestyle patterns with recommendations to improve body composition, energy, athletic and mental performance, and general health.

Custom Nutritional and Health Coaching

Neither of the above options fit your needs? Let us create a custom nutrition and lifestyle coaching program for you. Whether you are an athlete, or just want to be optimized like an athlete, we can help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Review and Guidance

A basic diet and lifestyle/training review with recommendations for change. This is a great choice if you feel relatively good and are close to your goal weight but you want to make sure there are no weak links in your current diet affecting your performance.


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