November 29, 2010 cburnham

More 2011 Racing Schedules…

Have you started planning your 2011 season yet? If you haven’t yet, its time to start planning key races and structuring your season. Here in California we saw the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association schedule a while back and now the Southern California Cycling and the USCup Mountain Bike schedule have been posted as well. If your a mountain biker in Northern California the most comprehensive schedule I have seen for events is at the NorCal Mountain Biking blog. I have also seen a few schedules from other regions of the country getting posted as well so if your not from California check your local racing affiliations and start planning out your year of racing!

The future you see is the future you get.” – Robert G Allen

Even if you don’t stick to your initial plan entirely its good to start figuring out what events you want to focus on and work backwards from the key events to figure out how to structure your training. You should be focusing on general fitness now and transitioning to race specific work as your key events get closer. Evaluate the demands of your events, where the races are won and lost, where you have had difficulty in the past, and make sure your training is meeting those demands. Get on it ya all! Racing season is right around the corner…

Be prepared and be honest.”-John Wooden


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