February 3, 2011 cburnham

Luck, Hope, and Fear

“Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option”- James Cameron

This statement is as applicable to endurance sports training as it is to making the movie Titanic. Don’t count on luck to win races. Don’t hope that just riding hard is going to make you as fast you can be. Don’t be afraid of your failure as that is where we will learn the most. At some point you will fail, it will not define you, and it will make you better.

Luck is not a Factor

If you want to own your results, both the victories and losses, you need to own your training. Leaving your results to chance is foolish. You need to make your own ?luck? through hard work and even anticipate bad luck. This is all about not leaving anything to chance, pulling your boots up, and doing work.

Hope is not a Strategy

Having a plan to come in to your key events as fit as possible is far superior than hoping things just come together by race day. That doesn’t mean you can’t get pretty fast (relative to your genetics) on just riding, running, or swimming. It just means in most cases you won’t be your best. The body responds to stimulus in a relatively predictable manner. Use it in your plan, even if its a loose plan, for your advantage.

Fear is not an Option

This is not about fearing a crash or injury; this is about not fearing failure and having the faith in yourself to work hard, smart, and have the strength to continue on the path. You may not win every race, but if you look at your training and racing as a process you can continue to progress as an endurance athlete and person.

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