January 1, 2014 cburnham

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! Welcome to the year of the horse!

New Year Horse

How about we throw this whole resolution thing upside down and start this year by focusing on our successes instead of our failures.  Let’s celebrate the awesome things that happened to us in 2013, acknowledge the failures, and then resolve to find more success in 2014!  There is no reason to start 2014 on a negative. For an athletes the thought process should be acknowledging their successes in 2013 (race wins, fitness achievements, consistency ,etc.), then identifying how they can see even more success in the next year, and then coming up with a game-plan to achieve that success.  Just knowing what they need to improve won’t help anyone miraculously achieve it.  Set up a plan or work with someone who can help you set up a plan.

I go through a similar thought process with myself every year.  For example, this year Burnham Coaching saw lots of success.  We had athletes win National and State Championships, we had multiple athletes go to World Championships, we saw lots of PRs, and multiple category upgrades.  We traveled to two World Championships, multiple National level races, and big regional races to support our athletes.  We had several athletes race all over the world and have amazing life experiences due to their commitment and achievements in sport.  As a coach I continued my philosophy of lifelong learning and formed new partnerships with nutritionists, physiologists, and bio-mechanists.  I also started mentoring a new coach to pass along my knowledge.

We did have our challenges though.  There were business plans that didn’t come to fruition, growing pains as we expanded bike fit services, and I saw less days on a bike this year than ever in the past.  Those are all things I want to resolve for next year to better serve my athletes, and I have a plan to achieve them.  We have some big changes coming for Burnham Coaching in 2014!  

To you and your friends and family, Happy New Year!


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