February 9, 2012 cburnham

Good Reads for the End of the Week

Another week gone by…did you make choices to support your goals this week?  If not, change something!

I saw a few interesting articles this week I wanted to pass along.

Massage Is Promising for Muscle Recovery: Researchers Find 10 Minutes Reduces Inflammation

Massage is something that has been known subjectively to work well to promote recovery for quite a while.  It is nice to see science validate sport tradition finally.

Vivobarefoot’s “Barefoot is Best” Campaign: Another Example of Marketing Twisting Science

Even though there is a lot of good research showing the benefits of barefoot running, it is important to keep things in context when reading ads like that put out by Vivobarefoot.  This is a great article to remind us to keep research in the context in which it was done.  My personal take on the barefoot running trend  is that wearing minimal shoes doesn’t necessarily mean good running form.  Learn good running skills and technique regardless of the shoes you wear.  **Full disclosure, I primarily wear New Balance 730 Minimal running shoes with a 3mm heel to toe drop and I find them very comfy.  Your results may vary…

Carbo-loading: Is it key the day before a marathon?

The key sentence in this entire article is: “Runners who ate more than seven grams of carbohydrate for every kilogram of body weight(g/kg) ran 13.4 per cent faster than a comparable group of runners who ate fewer carbohydrates but were otherwise identical in terms of age, body mass index, training and marathon experience.”  For any 2.5+ hour endurance event, not to mention 9+ hour Ironmans, carbohydrate stores matter.  Have you ever tracked how many carbs you ate the day before an event?

Good luck to all that are racing this weekend!


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