February 24, 2012 cburnham

Good Reads for the End of the Week

Another week gone by.  How was your training this past week?  Did you “get some” or “have some” this week?

Here are a few good articles I have seen this week:

Why Do We Run Slower at Altitude?

Seem simple right?  Lack of oxygen.  But this is an interesting study about how the brain can be limiting performance.  The central governor theory of fatigue is probably one of the most argued items in sports science today and while this study is not conclusive, it does prove that the brain can limit our performance.  

Cuckoo for Coconuts

Were you like me and always wondered what those young coconuts were all about at the grocery store?  Coconut water has been staple in our house for a while now but what is up with those baby coconuts?  OK, so maybe I am off the back on this one but I thought this was a good article with a few good recipes.


Pre-Race Mental Preparation

This is actually an older article written by Marv Zauderer that goes over how to best mentally prepare for racing.  His website is actually a great resource for numerous sport psychology articles and I would encourage everyone to check it out.

Good luck if your racing this weekend!  Get some!

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