March 21, 2012 cburnham

From the Archivies: When Athletes get Sick…

So this past weekend we had the trifecta of suckness.  My 3-year old daughter, my wife, and myself all came down with the stomach flu.  Maybe it is just me, but I would rather have any other type of flu or cold for double the time than anything stomach related.  As we continue to recover this week, and I am really starting to want to being working out again, but I have to keep things in check.  This whole ordeal reminded me of a post I did last holiday season, When Athletes get Sick.  It is good to read this again around this time of year as there seems to be a lot of colds, flus, and nasty stomach bugs floating around.  Remember washing your hands is the best defense, and as I found this weekend, hand sanitizer alone don’t kill all viruses such as Norovirus (the “stomach flu” virus) is not easily eliminated by most hand sanitizer.

Stay Healthy!

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