January 11, 2011 cburnham

Cool Nutritional Resources

Just a quick post today on two pretty cool resources I have recently seen on-line:

Even though I am not a nutritionist, I get asked a lot about my philosophy on general nutrition and I have one basic response: “Eat real food!”  Most people would make huge improvements in their diet if they just eliminated the processed foods.  Of course the next question is “What is real food?” or occasionally “Are Gummy Bears real food?”

The kind folks at SummerTomato have made answering those questions a little easier.  They just put out a pretty cool flow chart to see if your food is “real food” or not.  Check it out and see if the foods your getting at the supermarket are real foods.  It should be noted that sports foods (gels, bars, and drinks) are not “real food” but are necessary for most endurance athletes at specific times of the year.  If you just use them when you need to while working out and not for that late night snack fix while watching Hannah Montana you should be alright, nutritionally anyways.

Even more confusing that nutrition these days is supplements.  ***Let me interrupt this to just to make the point that supplements are just that, they are supplements to your diet.  They don’t allow you to eat Big Macs and Double Down Chicken sandwiches everyday without any ill effects.  They should supplement an already healthy diet.  Work on your fundamental diet first before turning to the pills.  Now back to your informative blog post***  Every year there are a ton of new supplements to make you healthier, faster, stronger, thinner, etc.  Its hard to know what is legitimately a good product and what is snake oil.  The guys over at informationisbeautiful.net compiled a ton of research into a cool, graphical representation to know what supplements are worth the money are what’s not.  It would be cool to see one of these on primarily sports nutrition products.  Click on the pic for the sweetness.

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