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  • I never have been more comfortable on a bike and I have been riding one for a few decades and love it more now. I cannot say enough about your skill

    Tom G.Retired Physical Therapist
  • Thank you for changing my life. I can now cycle pain free!

    Andrew H.
  • Chris does very sophisticated bike fits that result in big improvements. For example, when I complained of my shins hurting during a bike fit, he immediately drew the conclusion that I didn’t have sufficient arch support in my shoe – a conclusion I would have never made. Sure enough, the small adjustment made a huge difference in my riding.

    Bryan D.

Utilizing high-speed video analysis and extensive work in bio-mechanics, we have fit over 1000 athletes ranging from beginners to professionals and honed our skills to find solutions for your unique fit needs.  It is our belief that almost all cyclists can find a comfortable position while maximizing efficiency.

BG Fit

Chris Burnham is a certified Body Geometry Master Fit technician.  This is the only fit certification that tests their applicants for proficiency in advanced fit methodologies.  There are less than 150 certified Body Geometry Master fitters in the world.  We are proud to be a part of this exclusive group.

Our bike fitting philosophy is based on the belief that each and every athlete is unique with different ranges of motion, functional stability, and fitness levels; and the bike should be adapted to meet those unique needs to achieve a balanced, comfortable, athletic, and powerful position.  G0020594

We utilize a dynamic fitting process and will include several positional changes to see how your unique bio-mechanics change through the process while you are pedaling.   Evaluating your bio-mechanics while pedaling is important because static measurements will not give us a complete picture.  Instead we use a pre-fit assessment and video analysis to see how your bio-mechanics while pedaling.  

An important part of our bike fitting process is that we will help you become a better athlete by giving you suggestions on how you can improve your function on the bike.  That may be a combination of stretching, mobility work, foam rolling, or strengthening work. Our goal is to make your position on the bike as efficient, comfortable, and powerful as possible.  This is why we call our bike fitting process Cycling Analysis.

Road or Mountain Bike Fit- $200

Functional Movement Assessment Morphological Cleat Placement Initial Video Analysis of position Dynamic Fit Adjustments Comprehensive Fit Report and Strength/Mobility Recommendations Follow-up Appointment within 45 days

Triathlon/Time Trial Bike Fit- $225

Functional Movement Assessment Morphological Cleat Placement Initial Video Analysis of position Dynamic Fit Adjustments Estimation of aerodynamic drag and adjustments to reduce drag Equipment recommendations to reduce aero drag Comprehensive Fit Report and Strength/Mobility Recommendations Follow-up within 45 days

Concierge Level Bike Fitting- $375

Whether you are local or traveling to beautiful Carmel by the Sea, this is a great option to get dialed in on your bike and experience the amazing sights, roads, and restaurants in our area. This includes an entire bike fitting and cycling analysis package, plus a 1.5 to 2 hour guided ride in Carmel by the Sea, Pebble Beach, or hilly Carmel Valley, plus guidance on hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. If you are traveling you can ship your bike to our studio so it is ready for your appointment and ride after, and we can help facilitate shipping it back to your house with all of your measurements and new position detailed to be reassembled in the same position (extra fee for assembly and shipping). If you are staying longer we can give you lots of riding suggestions to further explore Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula

Match Making Bike Fit- $250

Finding the right bike for your unique physiology can be challenging. This service is to help you decide on what bike to get whether you already have a bike, or are shopping for your first road bike. We start with a pre-fit interview and assessment. Get you setup in a rough position to determine frame sizing Guide you through the bike/options and advise along the way Finalize your fit after your purchase This still includes a follow up fit as well as advising on any other bike equipment

Follow Up Fit- $75 per hour

Each fitting includes a follow-up fitting within 45 days. This is for additional follow-ups outside of 45 days.

Second Bike Fit- $50

Have a second bike (road or mountain) you want setup with your fit measurements? Then let us know when you book your appointment and we will get your position dialed in on it!


  • Will Bike Fit help with knee pain?  It can if your pain is made worse or caused by cycling.  We often work with a network of medical professionals including physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons to find the most comfortable and efficient position possible.
  • What should I bring to the bike fit?  You will need to bring your current bike (if you have one), cycling shoes, and cycling clothes.  If you are a triathlete, bringing your current running shoes can also be helpful in understanding your run gait and movement patterns.
  • Is Bike Sizing the same as a Bike Fit?  No, many bike shops offer bike sizing which will make sure you are on the correct frame size and often also set saddle height and handle bar reach and height.  These are to accepted “neutral” measurements but don’t address the personal needs of an individual athlete.  Our bike fit starts with an athlete interview to understand your unique needs and athletic history, we then do a thorough physical assessment to understand your movement patterns, flexibility, and other unique physiology.  Finally use these results to find your optimal position utilizing a high speed motion capture, pedaling power assessment, and years of experience helping athletes from beginners to professionals find comfort and performance on their bike.  Included with the bike fit is a follow-up session with 3 – 5 weeks to make sure you are settling into your new position well.
  • Do you sell bikes or parts if needed in the fit?  We partner with bike shops in our area to fulfill any needs during your fit.  We do have a wide selection of stems, saddles, seatposts, and handlebars through our partnered shop, but if you have a favorite shop you work with we can communicate with them to make sure you get the parts you need.  If you are looking for a new bike, we will give you an honest unbiased report of bikes that will provide you with an optimal fit.  We are in the business of making you comfortable, not just selling you components or bikes off a shop floor.
  • How long does the bike fit take?  Road or mountain bikes are typically 1.5 – 2 hours.  Triathlon or Time Trial bikes are 2 – 3 hours.

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We are proud to be a certified International Bike Fit Institute Bike Fitter.

We are proud to be a certified International Bike Fit Institute Bike Fitter.

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