September 17, 2013 cburnham

Bear Tam Fondo November 2nd!

As many of you know, I have been proud to be involved with the Bear Development Team over the last few years.  It has been awesome experience to see the program grow and support several young riders develop into accomplished cyclists and adults over the last few years.  Programs like this are what allow our sport to grow and produce the new leaders of clean sport.

Unfortunately programs like these don’t run on unicorns and rainbows.  This program has continued to think outside the box in creating a stable financial model not dependent on corporate sponsorship.  Too many good programs fold due to the whims of corporate marketing.  The BEAR TAM FONDO represents a great opportunity for you to rally around these kids, support this great program, and have an awesome ride experience the beauty of Mt. Tam.

Bear Tam Fondo

On November 2nd at 9AM we’ll meet at the Mill Valley Community Center.  BEAR DEVELOPMENT TEAM riders will be present, alongside pro cyclists and friends of the team: BEN JACQUES-MAYNES and TED KING.  The route is a metric century with 4,000 feet of climbing and is designed with avid cyclists in mind.  Many of our team riders have grown up riding on Mount Tam.  Every night after school they are out on the mountain enjoying these roads and trails.  They want to share these roads with you.  They want to meet you, ride with you and support you on November 2nd.

The donation is $100 and participation will be limited to 250 people.  You can sign up to attend here on our web store.  BEAR TAM FONDO will feature CHP escorts, 2 fully stocked aid stations, follow cars, photo opportunities with professional photographers and a catered mexican food lunch.

Hope to see ya all there on November 2nd!

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