Tim Aiken (Cat.1 Road Cyclist)- 


What’s special about Chris is his ability to guarantee that you will feel invincible at the start of your target event. Cycling is as much a mental sport as an endurance one, and though Chris’s training will have you showing up stronger than ever before, the real key is that when you roll off the line you’ll also *know* that you’re the strongest you’ve ever been.

Ginger Snell (Cat.1 Road Cyclist)- 

Ginger Cats Hill

After a ten-year absence from competition, Chris has developed a program that has allowed me to return to an elite level of competition.
Unlike other training programs, Chris is easily accessible and always willing to provide feedback. Chris has a very “hands on” approach to his coaching methods.
Chris has custom tailored a training program for my specific goals throughout the season. His ability to adjust my schedule as goals change, or as he determines special attention is needed, has allowed my to maintain focus and continued improvement.  My workouts are custom-built for me and my success.
Chris Burnham is the hidden gem in our community. To have a world-class coach in our back yard is incredible. The success of the elite level athletes  with whom he is working, are a testament to his ability. And to have that same support and same access to knowledge is inspiring. Whether you’re training for professional nationals or wanting to improve your personal best on the local ride, Chris can get you there as long as you are willing to trust him and commit to following his plan.

Bryan Duke (Cat.1 Road Cyclist)-

BDuke killing it at Redlands Crit

I have worked with Burnham Coaching for 5 years and have progressed much farther in cycling than I ever could have done alone.  His professionalism is evident in his scientific coaching philosophy, quick communication, availability, and references to technical studies. He takes into consideration school and work when tailor-making every athletes training schedule with a focus on quality not quantity. Despite my complicated questions, I have yet to ask him something to which he didn’t immediately know the detailed answer. He also gives very sophisticated bike fits that result in big improvements.  For example, when I complained of my shins hurting during a bike fit, he immediately drew the conclusion that I didn’t have sufficient arch support in my shoe – a conclusion I would have never made.  Sure enough, the small adjustment made a huge difference in my riding. You cannot find a coach that is as affordable, committed, and knowledgeable as Burnham Coaching. Whether your goal is to tackle your first triathlon, move up the professional ranks, or just get your bike properly fitted, Burnham Coaching is the best.

Alex Wild (Professional Mountain Biker)-

Alex Wild doing work at #seaotter pro men's short track

Chris Burnham and I share the idea that constant communication builds a better athlete. I started working with Chris when I was a Category 1 rider and with his help and guidance I have made it to the Professional class, I cannot recommend him any higher. He always has time to answer my questions (and I ask a lot of questions!) and walks me through any workout I have questions on, not to mention he also knows how to fit your bike to you! If you are looking for a coach who will custom-tailor a workout plan to whatever amount of time you can dedicate to cycling, then Chris is your guy.


Brain B. (Cat.1 Mountain Biker)-

“I have been successfully working with Chris for almost 3 years and could not be more happy with how things have developed. If you are anything like me, then you have an unimaginably hectic schedule, you are stubborn, anal, and believe that you can read and study your way to success all on your own. When I came to Chris, I had just had a pretty successful (self guided) campaign through the Sport class, but was a bit unsure how to proceed in the Expert class on a limited schedule. With his guidance, focused workouts and amazing availability to discuss any topic on my mind from new training methods that I read about to bike parts and race strategy I have made what I consider a successful transition. I am continually impressed with his management of my fitness program. It truly is a two-way street with him and having him on my team provides one less detail that I have to worry about during the week. You will not regret his services.”