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Using a combination of sports science and experience, we work with athletes to achieve optimized training, performance, and biomechanics. Our goal is to help athletes reach their true athletic potential whether that is from optimal training or from an optimal bike fit.


I have been a full-time endurance sports coach and bike fitter for over 20 years. During that time I have worked with athletes ranging from beginners to professionals, racing both in the US as well as around the world.

I have also conducted multiple consultations for athletes and teams, worked with the USA Cycling Junior Development Program, authored Weight Training for Cyclists: The Ultimate Guide, and was a founding director of the Bear Nationals Development Team. 




Using a combination of science based training and experience, we will optimize your training and performance.

Bike Fitting

Optimize your cycling position for both comfort and performance, as well as reducing the risk of injuries.

Inscyd Testing

A holistic tool, creating an in-depth analysis of the physiology of an athlete and individualized training programs.

Effective coaching is a continuous conversation between coach and athlete…

Our Philosophy

All athletes perform best with a unique approach to their training based on their physiology, lifestyle, and goals. Utilizing a combination of testing, data analysis, and continuous communication we are able to design optimized training programs that help athletes reach their full potential.

“Chris Burnham and I share the idea that constant communication builds a better athlete. I started working with Chris when I was a Category 1 rider and with his help and guidance I have made it to the Professional class, I cannot recommend him any higher. He always has time to answer my questions (and I ask a lot of questions!) and walks me through any workout I have questions on, not to mention he also knows how to fit your bike to you! If you are looking for a coach who will custom-tailor a workout plan to whatever amount of time you can dedicate to cycling, then Chris is your guy.”


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Bike Fitting

Be One with your bike

Optimizing your position on your bike not only prevents injuries, but can also drastically increase performance.

Utilizing high-speed video analysis and extensive work in bio-mechanics, we have fit over 1000 athletes ranging from beginners to professionals and honed our skills to find solutions for your unique fit needs. Everyone deserves to be comfortable on their bike, and we are here to help.

Ready To Increase Your Performance?

Thanks for your interest in our services! If you have any questions shoot us an email at Our office is located at 241 Pearl St, Monterey CA 93940.