January 4, 2011 cburnham

The Art of Coaching

Many people don’t know, but I have background in art. I even went to college to get an Education with Art Specialty degree to start teaching art. It was after a few years in college that I started having an increasing interest in sport science and ever sense has been the focus of my continued education. At the time I never thought that anything I learned in those art classes, the theory, composition, creativity, would come in handy as a coach but I now know it is invaluable.

To be an effective coach you have to combine science and art to form an effective plan that provides adequate training overload. The science is important to know how to analyze the data, the training load, and know what systems are being stressed in training. The art is how to apply the science and training to provide adequate overload of the desired energy systems. It’s the application of the science, of creatively programing workouts into a schedule, that makes coaches valuable. You can go hard 2 days in a row or continue to build without a “rest week” every 4th week if you are creative in your programming and rest. Think outside the box. Be smart, focused, and creative with your training to reach your true potential.

Was it cold and wet on your ride today?

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