April 8, 2011 cburnham

Sea Otter Classic

Sea Otter, that celebration of all things bike, is just a week away now.  For most cyclists in this area, Sea Otter is THE race to peak for in the spring.  It is by far the biggest race in our area, if not in the country, and most cyclists will try to come into the race in peak form.  A win at the Otter is always a highlight in a cyclist’s season.  Plus you get a sweet jersey you can sell on Ebay (Seriously ya all, I don’t recommend selling or buying winners jerseys- not cool).

Here are a few tips for those of you coming to Sea Otter to race or participate in one of the group rides:

  • Arrive early!  It takes longer to get into the venue since there are thousands of other racers and spectators trying to get in park as well.  Also plan on longer at registration and at the porta-potty, as well results taking a little longer to be posted.  Be patient and plan accordingly.   Getting there early is almost never an issue!
  • Enjoy the expo!  Sea Otter hosts the best and biggest consumer cycling expos in the country.  Check out all the new stuff being shown, look for awesome deals, and pick up some swag.  You can even demo that bike you have been lusting over the winter in the SRAM MTB ride zone.  Just don’t spend too much time on your legs wandering the expo before your race.   Save all that walking and beer drinking till after your race or ride.  Your legs will thank you!
  • Get the new Sea Otter iPhone and Andriod apps (available on April 13th) to keep track of everything going on at the festival.  There is a lot happening on the four days of Sea Otter.  It’s hard to keep track of everything going on so take advantage of this useful tool to stay on top of the day’s events while at the festival.

What else is going on outside of the event?  There is the Pedal-Driven movie premier happening in downtown Monterey at the Golden State theatre on the night of Friday 15th (tickets available here or at the IMBA booth at the festival).  There is also an after party happening at the Monterey Maritime Museum just a short walk (or ride) from the theatre.  If you are on the fence about going, let me just say there will be door prizes….

There is also this debauchery going on…ride at your own risk with this one.  I don’t have any other details than what’s on the flyer and available here. Be warned though, I have heard some crazy stories about this from years past….

Know of something else happening the weekend of Otter?  Let us know in the comments!


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