November 24, 2010 cburnham

Happy T-Day and Holiday Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving ya all!  I hope everyone will be enjoying a great day with friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya All!

Just as traditional as Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and mashed potatoes is the annual Turkey Trot.  There must be a million Turkey Trots around the country consisting of runs, rides, and even the occasional swim (yeah, it’s not a trot- I don’t know why it’s called that either). Even if you don’t have anything organized in your area it’s always good to get that morning workout in to justify the 6 hours of football and/or parade watching and 17 pounds of food you will consume later.

Of course the other holiday this week is the day after Thanksgiving when we get to express our traditional American consumerism.  That means it is time to put together your Christmas shopping list.   With so many new cool, products that come out every year it is hard to decide what to put on the list which is why we are here to help.  Here are a few suggestions that any endurance athlete would be stoked to see under the tree:

  • Power Meter. Yeah, you probably could have guessed this was going to be on the list after the last couple posts.  These are still pretty expensive so you better have been really good this past year for Santa to bring put one under your tree.  My suggestions would be a Quarq, Powertap, or SRM.
  • Foam Roller. OK, you probably guessed this one was coming too.  You can read all about the “whys” and “whats” here.
  • TRX. From my previous posts you probably have realized that I recommend doing some strength work over the winter and keeping up on full body core work throughout the season.  The TRX is a suspension based method of leveraging body weight to perform a variety of strength training exercises.  It is a relatively inexpensive, extremely portable, strengthening solution.  There are a ton of movements you can do with these and something that can be a very useful training tool throughout the year.  This is a no brainer if you have to travel a lot for work.
  • A Burnham Coaching Gift Certificate. It’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the season with podium after podium.  Plus it is a perfect companion to the items above.
  • Road ID. Run or ride by yourself?  It’s a good idea to have one of these.  Their gift cards make great stocking stuffers as well.
  • Burnham Coaching Clothing. Want to look cool, raise your IQ, make more money, and be a better athlete?  Get some awesome Burnham Coaching clothing here. OK, at least you will look cool and be comfortable.
  • Compression Socks. Want to recover faster, run pain free, feel better after working on your feet all day or after that long drive or flight?  A good pair of quality compression socks can do that for you.  There are a lot of good brands out now as these have become somewhat in fashion with endurance athletes but my recommendations would be 2XU, Zoot, or Skins.
  • Michelin Latex Tubes. Looking for some cheap speed?  Some good quality latex tubes can do that for you.  Check out this study on rolling resistance with clincher and tubular tires and note how every tire has less rolling resistance with a latex tube versus a butyl rubber tube.  At only $15 per tube it’s hard to find cheaper speed than that on a corner of Compton.
  • A good quality rain jacket. Are you a fair weather athlete because you don’t have the gear?  Put a good quality rain jacket on your Christmas list, man up, and workout in the rain.  It’s really not that bad.  My current favorite rain jacket is from Castelli but you can’t really go wrong with Pearl Izumi, Craft, Demarchi, or if you’re a high roller, Assos.

Have other great gift ideas? Let us hear them in the comments!  Happy training!

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